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Margey Meyer, CMCA, PCAM
President & CEO,
CADRExperts, LLC

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Robert M. Diamond, Esq.
Reed Smith, LLP

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Mitchell H. Frumkin, PE, RS, CGP

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 David A. Larkin, Esq.

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Our Firm

arbritrationCADRExperts, LLC provides professional, knowledgeable, impartial and effective expert witnesses, mediators and arbitrators serving community associations, homeowners associations, property owners associations and condominium associations. We offer solutions to help community associations, developers, management companies and service providers avoid litigation and resolve problems amicably and expeditiously. If the parties cannot agree on a solution, we provide expert witness support and testimony.

We are risk managers who understand that every day of dispute means more hardened positions and less chance of reaching a negotiated settlement. In a non-adversarial, solution-focused environment, we assist in opening lines of communication, exploring issues, finding mutually satisfactory solutions, negotiating settlement terms and structuring an agreement between the disputing parties.


Professional Conflict and Dispute Resolution

CADRExperts, LLC  specializes in mediation, arbitration, and expert witness testimony. Our team helps attorneys, community associations, developers, management companies and other service providers avoid litigation and resolve problems amicably and expeditiously. Our expert witnesses, mediators and arbitrators are trained to ease tensions and foster an environment conducive to open communications and dispute resolution.

Litigation is costly and time-consuming; through mediation, CADRExperts offers an opportunity to resolve differences at lower cost with quicker results, providing a balanced, flexible approach to value-focused, practical solutions.

Combined, our partmers have nearly 120 years of experience in community association management, engineering and developing and representing community associations. We are your go-to resource when you need an impartial, cost-effective, qualified third party, knowledgeable in community association creation, development and operations.

Call us toll free for a no obligation consultation 1-855-CADRExp (233-7397) Or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.