Mediation: We provide trained mediators who can successfully help parties open the lines of communication and reach a collaborative solution. Our problem-solvers facilitate a positive environment by encouraging the parties to focus on interests, not positions, which enables them to move forward to a negotiated settlement of their own making.

 arbitration services Arbitration: Our skilled arbitrators are experts in community association law and operations, enabling them to thoughtfully and judiciously evaluate the issues presented by all parties, always aware of time and cost considerations. Their reasonable and fair decisions reflect the highest standards of ethics.
 witness Expert Witness Testimony: When the dispute cannot be resolved outside a courtroom, CADRExperts provides subject matter experts who understand the nuances of the issue and provide sound insight and factual information that will help win the case or reach an acceptable settlement.

CADRExperts, LLC provides mediation, arbitration and expert witness services that help attorneys, community associations, developers, management companies and other service providers avoid litigation and resolve problems amicably and expeditiously. We provide professional, knowledgeable, impartial and effective expert witnesses, mediators and arbitrators to ease tensions and foster an environment conducive to open communications and dispute resolution.