Our Areas of Expertise

expertiseMediation and Arbitration Services

Attorneys, how many times have you wanted to reach across your desk to a manager, homeowner or board member and MAKE them listen to your sage advice? When the time for dialogue is over, how much do you hope that your expert witness really understands the nuances of your case and can effectively communicate his or her expertise to opposing counsel, the judge and, if necessary, the jury?

Our industry needs to reduce litigation and bad legislation that often results from disputes that become a media spotlight. Litigation is costly and time-consuming; through mediation, CADRExperts offers an opportunity to resolve differences at lower cost with quicker results, providing a balanced, flexible approach to value-focused, practical solutions. When the parties cannot develop their own self-directed resolutions, our trained arbitrators can judiciously evaluate the dispute and issue a fair and equitable binding decision that eliminates the stress, time and expense of a lawsuit.

Expert Witness Service

expertise2Our rigorous screening process and internal quality control ensures that our experts have unmatched expertise in community association law, management, development and operations. Our expert witnesses have years of established and recognized experience in our industry, making them the ideal support person for the attorney who wants to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the issues before going to court.

To join our cadre of experts, applicants must demonstrate the following skills and expertise:

Non attorneys who want to mediate must have successfully completed the American Arbitration Association’s 40-hour Essential Mediation Skills for the New Mediator, equivalent class, or have mediation experience.

Managers and management company CEOs must have the PCAM designation.

Expert witnesses must be credentialed in their respective industry.

Expert witnesses must be recognized in their field of expertise through publications, industry-related awards or personal recommendations

Cadre members must exhibit the ability to articulate well and stay calm under pressure.